Am I going vegan?

When I think of a vegan diet, for some reason avocado, tofu and nuts/seeds automatically spring to mind. A vegan diet is basically a plant based way of eating,  including (ideally) vegetables, fruit, grains, beans/pulses, nuts,  seeds and other foods made from plants. Vegans don’t… Continue Reading →

Eggs are eggcellent 🍳🐓

I guess we think of breakfast when we talk about eggs as a meal, or the O’Donovan brothers (Irish Olympic rowers) radio ad for Bord Bia promoting the versatility of eggs and their many culinary uses! Eggs are an excellent… Continue Reading →

Probiotics – why and how 💊

We are full of bacteria, our bodies depend on them for survival and to thrive. Our gut health is dependant on the quality and diversity of our food choices.  After all it is estimated that 70% of the immune system… Continue Reading →

Pesto power 🍋🌿

I love a good pesto. A red tomato or a green basil flavoured pesto.  It can be based on a traditional recipe of olive oil, tomatoes (sun-dried/sun blushed tomatoes usually), lemon juice, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan cheese or substitute basil/other… Continue Reading →

Seasonal eating 📅💐

  This time of the year we are transitioning from winter eating to spring (and dare I say it a recent hint of summer) eating and seasonal produce.   The warming comfort foods of soups, stews and curries may be… Continue Reading →

Thought for the day… 🌄

Tapas in Madrid 🍡🍢

On a recent winter short break to the wonderful Spanish city of Madrid I may have narrowly missed out on going to a Real Madrid football match but instead got to immerse myself in the seasonal festivities and culinary treats on… Continue Reading →

What are your foodie goals for 2017? 🎆

Happy and healthy new year everyone!

Happy Christmas and New Year

Porridge time ⏰

Oh porridge, let me count the ways I love thee… sorry I ‘borrowed’ that quote from some Victorian poet and believe me, when I was little and had to eat porridge every morning I never thought I would say that fast… Continue Reading →


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