Whilst I don’t rely totally on my freezer to feed me, it is very convenient for frozen vegetables such as peas, green beans, sweetcorn, ginger (yes just peel and freeze in freezer bag to make it last longer) and I even freeze leftover banana for smoothies, dessert later on in the month.   Fresh berries are the best – especially during the summer months when more of them are in season –  but when convenience is needed and a variety of berries sounds appealing, as well as the short shelf life linked with buying too many berries during warmer months then frozen berries are the job!

It’s handy to make meals, treats in bulk at the weekend such as soups, chilli, batches of flapjacks or protein/energy balls and then freeze them so you can use up as necessary.  Here’s one I made earlier and all that… my freezer has been a lifesaver many a time I had a quick turnaround between work and leaving home again for something in the evenings.  Just remember to defrost the soup or meat type dish in your fridge for some hours beforehand if not overnight.  Some of those healthy snacks and desserts can be more or less eaten straight from the freezer.  Deliciously Ella has many of these on her website.

A recent emergency freezer defrost meant I had to quickly use up some items that I couldn’t store elsewhere so I tried The Happy Pear Fruit Compote to use up a full unopened bag of frozen berries and also threw in a single small apple in place of the apple juice.

Mixed with natural yoghurt or over porridge in the mornings (have even used it as a jam on toast..) it’s delicious 🙂


Fruit compote made with mixed berries, honey, cinnamon and small red apple








Also made tasty fish one pot dish with hake and prawns (again rescued from defrosting unplugged freezer..)

freezer defrost hake n prawn

Tomato and fish one pot wonder with turmeric rice







So keep your freezer freezer friendly, don’t let the frost build up like I did so the door refuses to close… and don’t over pack it.

To finish, I came across this article on how to better organise your freezer and to realise it’s usefulness; –


Happy freezing!

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