What the heck is Bee Pollen you may well ask?

We all think of honey as produced by bees but they also produce propolis, royal jelly as well as bee pollen. All have been associated with health supportive effects due to their antioxidant properties. In fact some of the claims for bee pollen appear to be well – super ¹ and one could ask why isn’t everyone using it if it bestows such wonderful health benefits? There have been little solid scientific studies on bee pollen despite it being around for centuries.

What goodness does it claim to contain?

Bee pollen is a complete protein, it contains all of the B vitamins, Vitamin C, carotenes.  It also contains the bioflavonoid rutin which is linked with alleviating the allergic response often found in hayfever and other seasonal allergies.²

I think the Happy Pear YouTube video explains it all in an entertaining way!

I use it in my porridge, it swirls into natural yoghurt leaving a wonderful colour and flavour.  Throw a teaspoon into smoothies or use it as a topping on muffins, protein balls or on oat cookies.


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